Misadventures with a Professor Review!

Class is now in session and the professor will see you now!

Zandy is a virgin. She’s tired of being a virgin and wants to get it over with. What better way to do that than to do it in a city you’re only spending one night in. Zandy is in London one night before she heads on to do her apprenticeship with her fathers professor friend. After doing some research of trendiest bars and clubs in town Zandy heads out into the night ready to get her V card punched.

An accidental run in with a very attractive man and she decides he’s the one but Oliver isn’t so easily swayed. In fact it’s only when he turns her down initially and she decides to still go ahead with her plan, that Oliver caves.

A steamy night ensues with lots of kink and Oliver is left wondering what if. What if he could do a relationship again? What if what he likes isn’t abnormal but normal? Only those questions are in vain when he wakes up to find Zandy long gone.

With fond memories of that one night, Zandy , arrived at her fathers friends house. Knowing that the professor is away on a business trip and won’t be back for another day or two Zandy gets settled in and snoops around.

Oliver arrives home in a pissy mood. Upset that this mystery girl just up and left him. While he was sleeping no less! No goodbye nothing. So when Oliver steps into his house and sees Zandy he immediately thinks the girl is some kind of stalker.

It only takes a couple of minutes of both anger and confusion on both sides to realize that Zandy is the daughter that he begrudgingly relented in to taking under his wing for the summer. An unspoken agreement is reached that they will not discuss or acknowledge what happened in London. That agreement only last so long before the tension and the lust reach a breaking point and burns them both oh so good.

Oliver is dealing with some messed up issues due to a previous relationship that went south and he was burned really badly. It’s going to take a strong woman to get this sometimes cold and detached man to crack and let someone fully in. Will Zandy be able to do it? Or will Oliver completely shut down and push the only person that matters to him away?

Read the book to find out!

Oliver to me seemed a tad bit cruel in the beginning and cold of course that was before I knew the reasoning behind it. Zandy took a lot of crap from Oliver in terms of the way she was treated and frankly I wouldn’t have put up with it at all compared to how much she did.

On a separate note usually I don’t really comment on the sexy times between the characters besides whether the book has an extremely steamy scene or not. However if you’re into a teacher student roll play then this book is for you. I personally am not into it and it did distract from the overall story for me. Now that’s not to say the sexy times weren’t sexy because holy hot Jesus ::fans I self::.

I loved the book I didn’t find any faults with the plot or style of writing but the kink part was just not for me.

With that being said form you’re on opinion and go buy the book!