Big Stick Review!

Who can pass up a Big Stick?!……. NOT THAT kind of Big Stick! Although that applies too! Lol

Nick is perfectly fine with the life that he’s living. a casual hookup and his close friends are all he needs. He’s a loner and doesnt want to be bothered. so needless to say going to his friend’s birthday party is definitely not his idea of fun. Sound’s like the perfect opportunity to get wasted. Wasted and tired Nick slinks off to one of his friend’s room’s to pass out.

There we meet Jodie. A single mom who just moved to chicago to be with her long time friend and keep her new business running. She’s currently staying with her bff and bff’s boyfriend. She can tell that her daughter and her a cramping their style. The party is going late and she need’s to be up early the next day seeing as she has a two year old that get’s up early. It’s not until after she’s gotten undressed and ready for bed that she realizes that there’s a strange man in her bed. it’s the man that was a total curmudgeon toward’s her during the whole party and a total douche.

fast forward a couple day’s and Jodie can tell that she need’s to start looking for a place of her own like yesterday. Her friend’s boyfriend suggest’s Nick’s place since he has an empty coach house. Jodie is adamant about not going there and it’s only when she’s exhausted all of her option’s that she finally caves and agree’s to check it out. Nick doesnt like it any more than Jodie does but feeling like he owe’s his friend and trying to prove he’s not a total douche he agree’s to let Jodie rent out the coach house from him.

It takes them a while to warm up to each other and Nick forcing himself not to be a douche. but it’s not until Mother nature throws a massive blizzard at them does it really begin to heat up and for them to get close. We find out that a past tragedy in NIck’s life and Nick’s guilt is what is behind him acting this way. Will Nick be able to get over the past and be the man that Jodie need’s him to be for her and her daughter. or will Nick’s guilt swallow him down and he will lose it all? Read the book to find out!

I highly enjoyed this book. It was refreshing to see a different style of story telling. I find that so many authors start to sound the same in terms of their writing. even though the stories are all different the way they tell them tend to start to blend. Not so with this author.

Nick to me just had a lot of baggage from guilt to being insecure and feeling undeserving of the good things coming to him. The main issue was his guilt which was obviously addressed but I liked that the author had his insecurity with hockey addressed.

Jodie deliberately chose to be a single mother. Which takes some huge balls. I loved that she always put her child first. And I love that the author made her daughter a huge part of the book. Many times when the hero or heroine have a child they take a back seat to the story. Not so with Big Stick.

The only thing I didn’t like was the douchey way that Hallsy came off when asking nick to let Jodie stay in the coach house. All in all this book was a fun and refreshing read and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Note even though this book is in a series it does not need to be read in order.