Misadventures With a Manny Review!

You will never think of a rubber ducky in an innocent way again.

Misadventures with a Manny is Toni Aleo’s second Misadventure and it’s completely unique and nothing like what Toni’s written before. The book start’s out with a heart wrenching scene that immediately made me tear up and want to hug this whole family.

Lincoln is great with kids especially being the only boy in a house full of girls. Ever since he was a kid, Lincoln always knew he wanted to help mold the next generation. At first he thought it would be through teaching but a random job of being a manny made him see the light. After finding out that his latest family is packing up and moving to Germany without him, he find that he’s in need of a new job. While on the hunt, his buddy and his buddy’s wife have the perfect job for him. 

Vera is just coming out of a nasty divorce and custody battle after finding out her husband cheated with the nanny and her best friend. So needless to say she needs some help being a newly single mom. Unfortunately the kids aren’t making it easy with their antics. They’ve gone through 9 nannies already! When her sister presents her with a manny Vera is totally unsure about having a male nanny. No matter how great is resume and recommendations are and how hot he is.  Vera finally caves when she realizes that she has no other options. She’ll just have to keep her libido in check. 

Lincoln can’t help but think Vera is hot. That’s going to be a problem since she’s now his boss. But surely he’ll be able to control himself right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. After a couple of steamy accidental encounters on both their parts, the attraction that was at an all time peak EXPLODES! 

Vera wants to keep their relationship on the down low. At least for now  since the kids have already been through so much change in such a short time. And at first Lincoln is okay with that. But after a bunch of miscommunication on both their parts and an offer to go to Germany to help his previous family, needless to say their relationship is up in the air. Will Lincoln take the job? Will Vera overcome her fears and accept Lincoln out in the open? Will the kids approve?  Well you’ll have to read to find out.

Lincoln to me is like 99% perfect.  Hot, great with kids, funny, protective, intuitive, has a big…….. heart ;). The 1% that I kinda didn’t like was that he was almost too needy in needing to be loved. Even though Vera explained why and her reasoning was sound, he needed her to commit completely and fully right then and there. I get that everyone want’s to be loved, i mean who doesnt but theres a fine line and to me Lincoln rode it just a tad bit.

Toni wrote another strong female character in Vera, although let’s be honest i dont think Toni has written a weak one yet. Vera I felt was doing the best she could with the shitty hand she had been dealt. Frankly I would’ve beat the you know what out of the nanny/best friend that slept with my husband. Also Vera’s sister is my spirit animal. She’s hilarious, witty, sweet and so caring. I do wish we could get a book with her and her husband. 

All in all i absolutely loved Misadventures with a Manny and i hope Toni writes another one! After that is a new Bellevue Bullies, Assassins and a new hockey series 🙂

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