Flow Review!

Flow is a modern day Romeo and Juliet story with a mob twist.

Daphne is the daughter of one mob king pin and Leo is the son of another. Sparks fly when Leo catches a glimpse of daphne at her brothers wedding reception. Leo is determined to get to know daphne. Meanwhile after the first initial bumping into each other, Daphne wants nothing to do with him. After all she values her life.

Leo is persistent however and the attraction between the two finally breaks Daphne’s walls down. But she’s still insistent that their affair be secret. That is until she discovers that she’s pregnant. How will both their fathers react and will they both make it out alive or will the turf war add more casualties to the long list. Well you’ll have to read to find out.

I really enjoyed reading Flow. I loved the chemistry between Daphne and Leo. I loved the family dynamics and I even loved the outcome between the two mob bosses. What I’ve come to realize is, the way Chelle Bliss writes, it leaves the reader wanting more. For instance I felt the first half of the book went really smoothly but there was no time for them to marinade as a couple that the reader got to see. They went away for a month or so none of that time the reader got to see and then they’re suddenly getting married. Also even though I loved the outcome I felt that they’re families being enemies could’ve played a bigger climax to the story. It could’ve given the reader more of a suspense feeling. But alas no such luck.

The bones and even some of the lean meat of the book was there but It needed more fat to it. More substance. I was left wanting more. Like I said I’ve realized that to me this is the way that this particular author writes and I’ve become okay with it. The plot of the book was great and I’ll continue to read the series because I have become invested in these characters lives.