Cross Breed Review!

Cassie Sinclair’s book is finally here ya’ll!!

Reader’s of Lora Leigh’s Breed series have waited for what seem’s like forever to get the beloved character’s book. More importantly to find out who is Cassie’s mate! Lora did something different with this book. Normally she will tell us who’s next to get a book, which she did hence why we know it’s Cassie’s book. Then she’ll tell us the name of the mate for the person that we know. This time Lora did not do that. She left reader’s guessing and i’m sure had quite a bit of fun with it as well.

Well the wait is over! if you don’t want to find out who Cassie’s mate is, then stop reading right now!

Warning over! Cassie’s mate is……. DOG!!!!!

Okay now that we have that big reveal out of the way we can get to the nitty gritty of the story and whether Lora did Cassie and Dog Justice with this book or not.

The book starts off with a flash back to a time and place that we know oh so well. It takes us back to Seth’s Island in Dawns Awakening. Where if you’ve read the book there was a sharp shooter whose bullet almost killed Cassie. This time you actually see when they first met and their first interaction with each other.

6 years later we find that Cassie has been calling in favors over the year to this mysterious breed she met all those years ago. These favors don’t come without a price, small though they are. After calling in the latest favor which saved both of Cassie’s sisters. Yes that’s right Cassie has sisters!

Dog is tired of the game he’s been patiently playing these past years and decides to up the anti. He saves his mates sisters in exchange for one night in bed with him. He thinks he can abide by Cassie’s rules but as heat and desire explode out of control one night of passion leads to a lifetime of matehood.

That one night sets off a series of events that will either bring Cassie and Dog together or tear them apart forever. As you can guess a mating between the breeds most beloved( is she really though) Cassie and a Coyote known everywhere for his notorious ties to The Council creates some serious waves.

An attack on Cassie, Rhyzan claiming a potential mating with her, a founding council member setting their sights on Dog, are just some of the things you get in this book. I’m not going to go into super detail or give away ALL the spoilers so READ CROSS BREED!

I don’t know about most readers but i imagined when Dog found his mate he would be SUPER Possessive. Like one of the most territorial breed mates. Not saying that his mate would’ve tolerated it but you know how alphas do. What I got was very surprising.

Dog had one true territorial moment. That moment when Dog went after the breeds who knocked Cassie to the ground. We saw a coyote primal come close to being let out. I guess I was expecting more of that especially after what Rhyzan was claiming. That’s my one complaint about Dog.

Cassie was what I expected as a person and that doesn’t come as a surprise since you’ve known her for many many years now. She was also something I didn’t expect and it’s huge part of the book so I won’t dive into what that is However I just wish we could’ve seen more.

Ultimately here’s what I wish I would’ve gotten to see in the book. A more territorial Dog or more accurately more situations for dog to become more primal. Cassie interact with her sister. What actually happened to the little girl in the last book. More of _______ Cassie and the full potential of it. Also semi spoiler even though it doesn’t happen in the book. I would’ve loved to see an actual serious attempt made by the council to take Cassie.

There are author’s who reader’s may like or love their book’s. Then there are author’s who to a reader exceed all other’s. Author’s who can force overwhelming emotion out of the reader. It feel’s like a punch to the gut with the force of the emotion, whether it be anger, sadness, love, lust, terror, possessiveness, betrayal. For me one of those author’s is Lora Leigh.

The epilogue which gives the reader’s the answer to who the next Breed book is going to be about, packed that gut punch. I won’t give it away but the raw emotion that Lora put’s into the heroine of the next book and the sense of betrayal from one’s mate that she has, left me wanting more and having to settle to wait until next year when the book will most likely be out.

P.s. there was mention in Cross Breed about Reptile breeds. I need more clarification on this seeing as it was used in a sarcastic way. But still … do they exist? Also WHEN CAN WE GET A WINGED BREED BOOK!!!


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