Misadventures with a Speed Demon Review!

Misadventures with a Speed Demon races in the Fall 2018 line up of the latest Misadventures and boy is it a fast paced, super charged read!

Speed Demon starts with us getting some background info into what makes brooks tick. Chelle Bliss knew what she was doing to readers hearts when she started the book with a glimpse into early life for brooks. Consider our heart strings pulled.

Brooks grows up with an absentee father in the literal sense and an alcoholic/druggee, absentee( in the emotional sense) mother. His only escape was at the race track, dreaming for when it would finally be his turn and his only means of escape.

Faith is part of a start up racing dynasty. With her father being a legend on the track and her brother following right along his footsteps. When Faiths father signs on their first driver the last thing she expects is to actually like and be attracted to him. Especially as she’s sworn off race car drivers, having grown up all her life around them.

All his life brooks has just wanted to fit in and be part of a real family. He’s finally found that with his new boss and team. Brooks has had a crush on faith ever since he laid eyes on her the first day at the track. One drunken night with the bosses daughter was all i was supposed to be. But when one night turns into two and feelings get involved brooks has an important decision to make. Risk it all to be with the woman he loves or keep the family he’s always wanted and have the love of his life walk away for good.

At its core, Misadventures with a speed demon is an updated light hearted version of a classic story plot. boy grows up on the wrong side of the tracks and falls in love with a rich girl. They both want to be together but fear the rich girIs family reaction. i say watered down because where most typical stories you’ll have an outraged reaction from the rich girls family, you don’t with this one. Granted you do have an angry brother but that’s just who roscoe is.

There’s definitely some foreshadowing in this book. if you pick up on it you can tell exactly how the books is going to end regardless of being guaranteed a HEA.

Speed demon left me wanting more filler towards the end. While I enjoyed the epilogue and HEA, it also felt a tad bit rushed. Between the quick resolution about brooks mom which I thought could’ve been a bigger “villain” and a sudden engagement. It left me spinning and wanting more, which I guess is the job of the author.

All this being said I truly did like this book. and think that it’s a good opener into the fall line up of Misadventures. It was quirky and sad at parts, heart pounding and sweat inducing at others. All of this and much more make this a nice weekend read for the hopeless romantic!

Looking forward to more from Chelle Bliss hopefully with more Misadventures and her men of inked: southside series!

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