Richer Than Sin Review!

Richer Than Sin is another jewel in what i’m naming the Queen of the mini series Meghan March’s crown!

Her series have always had twists and turns, Richer than Sin is no exception to that! Some would even say this series is her most twistiest and turniest( are those real words? No. Well now it is) yet.

Richer than Sin is Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliette brought into the 21st century.

Lincoln Riscoffs family owns everything in the town of Gable. Dating back generations, the Riscoffs have amassed a disgusting amount of fortune all the while taking pleasure in seeing the Gables demise.

The thought of being in the same room with a Gable is abhorrent to a Riscoff let alone fall in love with one! Yet Lincoln does precisely that with Whitney Gable.

Ten years ago and one fateful evening at a rough and tumble bar. Lincoln and Whitney have what seems like a fated meeting. Fresh off a breakup with her cheating boyfriend Whitney just wants to have fun and what better way to get over him then to get under another guy.

A steamy and passionate night gives way to daylight and with that the realization that not only has Whitney had a one night stand but with a Riscoff! Lincoln doesn’t care who she is and wants more and will take anything he can get.

A secret love affair ensues. Lincoln is getting tired of hiding in the shadows with Whitney. He wants to walk hand in hand with her in public, opinions be damned. A simple misunderstanding breaks these two apart.

One drunken wedding objection and ten years later it’s still safe to say that the last person Whitney wants to see when she makes her return to Gable, is Lincoln.

Whitney has had a rough ten years. Fresh off of being a widow to low talent rockstar and being accused of killing (figuratively) husband. She’s come home tail tucked between her legs wanting nothing more than to lick her wounds and move on.

Lincoln has other plans. He let Whitney get away once but now that she’s back and widowed, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his.

It won’t be a simple though when you throw family feuds both within their own families and with the other. Throw in a potential new heir to the Riscoff fortune and a major twist at the end. Lincoln and Whitney will have to put their trust in one another otherwise their love will never survive.

This book is no different than any other Meghan March Book and that’s NOT a bad thing. Richer Than Sin is twisty, entertaining, addictive, and charming with heart pounding steamy scenes.

Richer than Sin is the most backstory that Meghan has had in a story. It bordered on a tad bit too much. Between the back and forth of present time and ten years in the past I had little bit of whiplash. Maybe we could’ve had all of the past lumped into a really big prologue? Or a part 1 and then present day a part 2? Either way that is my only gripe with this book.

Last but not least I’m compelled to mention the cover. I LOVE IT! The whole collection of covers for this series is amazing and has major aesthetic appeal.

P.s. who is the male cover model and does he have an Instagram? Lol

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