Playing Hurt Review!

Chase is considered a reformed bad boy after learning that if you party to much there are serious consequences. Such as getting traded from the team in New York to the Chicago Aces.

Music superstar Jordyn Banks loves her some hockey, especially her homtown team , the Chicago Aces, so it comes as quite a surprise to find herself flirting back and forth on twitter with Chicago Ace hockey player, Chase Hartman.

Chase is a big fan of Jordyn Bank’s and when he see’s her tweeting one night about a hockey game on tv, he find’s himself unable to resist tweeting at her. One tweet lead’s to another and before he know’s it he’s made a bet with the hot superstar. If his team win’s they go on a date. Jordyn is willing to play Chase’s game and take’s the bet……  and loses.

After a pretty successful date, Chase is down to go another one but Jordyn shut’s him down. After all it’s impossible for anything to come of this sine he work’s and lives in Chicago and she in L.A.

Fate has something else in mind though. After suffering an embarrassing performance on national television, Jordyn  flies home to discover that a polyp had burst and it required surgery to fix otherwise she wouldn’t be able to sing again.

Spending all her recovery time in L.A. with very little close friends and no family doesn’t really appeal to Jordyn, so she head’s home to Chicago. Chase seeing what had happened on live TV was concerned and even though she shut him down he felt he had to reach out.

Jordyn had felt bad about what she said to Chase on their first date because she really did have a great time with him and enjoyed his company. She decides to give it second chance and agree’s to go out on another date with him. Neither one of them is looking for anything long term with the unspoken truth hanging over them. Once Jordyn is fully recovered she will go back to L.A. to continue her career.

Chase is plagued with issues from his childhood that have progressed all through his adolescence and into adulthood and he becomes a self saboteur in their relationship. But will he realize his mistakes in time to get Jordyn back or will it be too late?

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