Silent Sin’s Review!

Ahhhh this book really spoke to me! It’s probably my absolute favorite in the series! Nick is the Italian stallion coming from a traditional upper middle class Italian family. He’s never wanted for anything and was taught the value of a dollar. He’s slowly building a name for himself with the gym that he’s opened up. He also teaches a little bit of yoga at a local studio. He has one rule and it’s to never mix business with pleasure. Although many have tried to tame the stallion, Nick never take-up any of the offer’s from his student’s or fellow yoga instructors…..that is until he see’s this ethereal beauty walk into his class one day.

Honor’s struggling after the suicide of her brother and has been struggling long before then. In fact the first pages of the book has Honor cutting herself in order to deal with the pain the only was she know’s how. Money is of no concern to her, she’s a billionaire e heiress so she’s never had the need to be driven to do anything. She’s just going through the motion’s of life. After a serious heart to heart with her deceased brother’s boyfriend, she decides to get help and see a therapist. Someone you might know if you’ve read other book’s in this series.

On the suggestion of the therapist, Honor tries doing new thing’s that will get her out and into the world, and starts with yoga. Shy and extremely introverted, it’s a big deal to her to be trying something new. When she see’s her yoga instructor she’s definitely attracted to him, but is too shy to do anything. Nick decides it’s his mission to get to know who Honor is and pursue’s her through different classes until she give’s in and agree’s to go on a date with him.

Nick can sense that Honor is damaged, he can see it in her eye’s and he’s determined to be the man to fix her. Honor tries at all cost’s to hide the fact that she’s a cutter but after a tragic misunderstanding coupled with an abusive phone call from her mother, Honor cut’s too deep and almost committed suicide. Worried that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with Honor for day’s, Nick call all the hospitals in the area searching for her. When he find’s her the last thing he expected to discover was that she had almost committed suicide.

Honor comes to term’s with the fact that she need’s pain. Theres no escaping it but Nick knows of a different more pleasurable outlet then physically harming herself.

Will Nick be able to bring Honor out of the world of pain she’s lived her whole life in? or will her vicious parent’s drag her back down for good? Read the book to find out!

This book was just everything to me. The author did a great job balancing the really serious aspects of the book such as the cutting and suicide and also throwing in some extremely searing sexy scenes!  I thought the author did a good job of not romanticizing or normalizing the act of cutting and suicide. It was a heartbreaking journey that developed into a story of self discovery and self identification.

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