Screwed Review!

Kelly Jamieson Screwed us good with this one! pun intended! 

Callie is recently divorced and fresh off a year long trip in Europe. The last thing she feel’s like doing is going to a divorce party thrown in her honor. She’d much rather stay at home and bake to her heart’s content. But being the good person that she is Callie indulges her friend’s and goes. She’s having a good time at first, drink’s are flowing, dancing ensues but all good thing’s come to an end. Emotion’s creep in and Callie need’s a break. It’s at this time Callie spot’s Cash, a friend of her Ex’s. 

Cash knew he shouldn’t go to the divorce party thrown for Callie. Especially since the man she divorced is his best friend. But he just can’t help himself where Callie is concerned. Cash has had a thing for Callie since way back in college, but following bro code he’s never acted on it. Cash see’s Callie drunk and sad and cant fight his instinct’s to swoop in and save the day. Cash takes Callie home and put’s her to bed. 

Coming home, Callie knew wouldn’t be easy. facing what seem’s like never ending disappointment from her parent’s on how she has handled her relationship to what she does with her life. What Callie didn’t expect was a developing of emotion’s toward’s her ex’s best friend. After an afternoon of baking and eating with Cash, Callie mention’s getting a tattoo. There’s no way Cash is going to let her go to any old shop and set’s up and appointment with his tattoo artist. 

it’s after this tattoo session that thing’s really blaze out of control. Running high on left over endorphin’s from getting her tattoo, Callie act’s on her feeling’s and makes a bold first move toward’s Cash. Cash being Cash give’s in and hot steamy sex ensues. Instant remorse comes afterward’s from both sides. Cash doesn’t want to jeopardize his business relationship with her Ex and Callie doesn’t want to jeopardize his friendship with her ex. 

They both then fall into a pattern of push and pull. fighting what they feel in their bones to be right and what they think in their head to be honorable. Callie find’s her true calling with the help of Cash and it’s a delight to see her blossom into who she really is and not what her parent’s wanted her to be.  Read the book to find out if Cash and Callie get their happy ending! 

Screwed kept me entertained and locked into the book to see what would happen next. The chemistry between the two was undoubtedly hot. I liked that Kelly didn’t make Callie’s Ex Beau out to be a complete douche. Yes the majority of the book he is a douche and in the event’s before the book he was a douche.But there’s a point in the book that is a sort of come to jesus moment and show’s a tiny sliver of redemption in him. 

p.s. This cover is HAWT! I mean does anybody know who the cover model is cause lordy lordy those eye’s and that stare!

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