Enlightened End Review!

Audrey Carlan leave’s us feeling Enlightened with the end of this series! (pun intended)

Luna Marigold’s dream of running her mother’s Yoga studio is short lived thank’s to an eviction notice she and every other business on the block has received. She almost can’t believe it, her mother’s yoga studio has been around for close to twenty year’s as have most businesses! To make matter’s worse the land lord plan’s on bulldozing everything and putting in it’s place 4 skyscraper’s catering to the businessman and woman who want to live near their work place. 

Grant Winter’s is the man responsible behind Luna’s troubles. CEO of the company that own’s and plan’s on demolishing everything she hold’s dear. Grant feel’s like this project will finally be what make’s his father proud of him. Alway’s struggling for his father’s approval Grant comes up with this genius business plan that will make his investor’s and company even richer. 

Feeling like she has nothing to lose Luna goes over to Winter’s group and demand’s to talk to the CEO. Luna expect’s to plea her case to a typical business tycoon so when she walk’s in and see’s this handsome man she’s  a little taken aback by the attraction that is simmering just below her skin. Grant isn’t expecting to deal with the ethereal beauty and will do and say almost anything to see this woman outside of his office. Including making a deal. Luna has six month’s to show and try to convince Grant to save her business and her friends businesses as well. But for every time she show’s him  something, he get’s to take her out on a date. 

Grant slowly see’s why  some of these shop’s are so important to her and overtime develops serious feeling’s toward’s her. Luna learn’s that underneath the business tycoon exterior, Grant is just a son trying to impress his dad, who is his only parent in his life.  

Grant goes into this deal not expecting to fall in love but to at least fall into bed with Luna. Falling in love with her, he goes back to his architect and tries to save some of the businesses. 

Can Grant save the woman he love’s business or will this business transaction be to late to alter and their love crumble. You’ll have to read Enlightened End to find out! 

I absolutely loved this book! it’s comes in at number three in my favorited of the series.  Audrey did an excellent job in closing out the series. although i am a little sad that we wont be getting more. It of course wouldn’t be and Audrey Carlan book without some  steamy hot sex scenes and a shocking revelations that make your mouth drop. although i still say the one at the end of Monet’s and Clay’s book is the topper of the whole series.  

With Enlightened End being the last book in the series and the series having a serious undertone of the practice of Yoga and me not knowing much about yoga, throughout the series Audrey has Enlightened me and i imagine many reader’s to the practices of yoga.

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