The Darkest Warrior Review!

After what seemed like years of build up, readers of the Lords of the Underworld series were in for quite a shock when they came to find out that fan favorites Gillian and William were in fact not meant to be in The Darkest Torment. I got to be honest I was a bit disappointed at first and did not like Puck one bit from what I knew of him in The Darkest Torment ( and let’s be honest I wasn’t sure how the sex thing would work with a half man half goat) But boy did that change with The Darkest Warrior.

The Darkest Warrior start’s  out from Puck’s point of view and a little bit before Gillian and him bonded in The Darkest Torment. Gena does note that some thing’s may have changed just so there could be more clarity in the storytelling.

After Puck is horribly betrayed by his brother he becomes the keeper of indifference. It was foretold by Oracles that the only way to beat his brother and take the crown was to take William the Dark’s woman to force William to do battle with Puck’s brother.

Gillian find’s herself in a bit of a situation after being given a drink to turn her into an immortal. Gillian isn’t strong enough to turn into an immortal herself and will die if nobody bond’s themselves to her. It’s not that easy though. By bonding herself with someone they will be tied together for life. If one get’s injured the other will experience the same injury. If one dies the other dies as well.

Puck see’s this as his chance to strike. After all he doesn’t care and he has the only thing will be able to separate them after he achieves his goal. What Puck doesn’t expect out of the bonding is to be able to feel without being punished by indifference; However after centuries of not feeling, emotions prove to be to intense to him, especially ones that he feels for Gillian.

Leaving Gillian in the care of the closest thing he has to friends, Cameron and Winter  in his home realm of Amaranthia, Puck set’s off to go fetch William and bring him back. Time travels differently between both realms, what is a week or two in the human realm turns out to be centuries in Amaranthia.

When Puck left, Gillian was a sweet, innocent, and damaged eighteen year old girl. When Puck comes back he expects to still see the same girl. Boy is he in for a surprise! Instead what awaits him is this Warrior Queen fighting for what’s right and making sure that what happened to her never happen’s to any other woman or child ever again.

This rag-tag team embark’s on a journey to get Puck’s crown back, but it’s not without its challenges and trials and tribulations.

This book takes us reader’s on a great adventure. I loved the interaction between William and Puck, and what turned from a potential romantic connection developed into a wonderful friendship between William and Gillian. The banter between William and Puck was absolutely hilarious and completely unique to a Gena Showalter book. I was unsure of how Gena would handle Gillian’s unease about intimacy but I thought she handled it perfectly with the underlying theme that time heal’s all wounds.

Gena gave fan’s of the LOTU another hit of her crazy, funny, addictive, steamy (did I mention funny?!) universe! I highly recommend you go out and buy it!

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