Rogue Royalty Review!

The conclusion to the Savage trilogy is as twist and turny as an episode of Scandal! 

Note this review has one big spoiler so if you don’t mind a spoiler then continue reading. I should also note the Spoiler is pretty obvious if you’ve read the huge cliff hanger Meghan left us with at the end of Iron Princess. 

Rogue Royalty start’s a month after the fatal shooting of Temperance’s brother by the love of her life Kane.  What we soon learn is that Kane was also shot and killed.  So to say we see Temperance as nothing but a mess is nothing short of the truth. 

Temperance is going through the daily motion’s of life but not really living. everything is put on hold. Her art commission’s, her job back at the distillery. She’s in the middle of this heart breaking depression when she  receives a letter stating that she now own’s the “bat cave”. It further spiral’s  Temperance. In fact it take’s a meeting with the alway’s pleasant (kidding) Mount to forcibly Kick her out of her depression and actually live her life.

The first thing on her new lease on life is to quit her steady paycheck of a job. admittedly it probably wouldn’t have happened if not for a certain talk with a certain criminal overlord about making his wife sad. With that done Temperance head’s on over to the bat cave. Once there The grief and anger is overwhelming and temperance has a grand idea to destroy all the vehicles that Kane had held dear. 

Cue the obvious spoiler music….. before Temperance can take a wrench or a torch to any of Kane’s cars, she’s suddenly stopped by a strong male arm. She turn’s around and….. BAM KANE IS STANDING THERE!  okay okay I told you it’s an obvious one because let’s be real I don’t know of any romance book that has killed of the hero or anti-hero in Kane’s case in the second book. 

Temperance is in shock to put it mildly. Here he is, in the flesh, and not dead as she had been led to believe. Of course relief and joy that Kane is alive sweep’s through her but so does anger. Kane lied to her about his death but he also lied to her about protecting her brother and instead killed him. right? WRONG!  true spoiler. Rafe is alive as well. 

Kane explain’s to Temperance the need to go about the plan to fake both their death’s, so it would be believable and also so it would be easier to go after the human trafficker’s who had put a hit out on him.  They’ve got all but the leader of the human trafficking ring. 

The rest of the book deal’s with temperance finally coming into her own after we see her progressing toward’s it in the past two book’s. It also comes to a HUGE twisty turny conclusion that left me even shocked and had no idea it was coming! 

My thought’s on Rogue Royalty if you couldn’t tell by reading all that above is that it’s a great conclusion to The Savage Trilogy. I highly enjoyed the epilogue and felt like it was a full circle moment for the series. The climax of the finale was as i said jaw dropping and as twisty turny as an episode of Scandal. 

I loved the side character’s especially Temperance’s new friend’s and specifically Ariel. I’m happy to discover that those women have their own series that is already out. I can’t wait to read their books!

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