Limitless Love Review!

Monet “Moe” Holland is a single mother trying to move on after a horrible divorce that resulted in her ex husband leaving her for her sister. Like who the hell does that. A disgusting human being that’s who. Her ex husband has different plan’s though. Walking to her car after a day at work Moe’s ex, Kyle, attack’s her and attempt’s to kill her all to get her inheritance her family left her. Luckily a patient of her’s spot’s her before it’s too late and Kyle Escapes.

Hearing that a friend of a friend is in the hospital and is in need of someone to watch their daughter Clayton “Clay” Hart comes to the rescue. There’s just one little problem, It’s Monet who’s hurt, the woman that he can’t stop thinking about after their one encounter a year ago.

Not realizing the extent of the injuries, when he see’s Monet back from the hospital and see’s the extent of the damage his caveman instinct’s kick into high gear. And he decides he’s gonna put all his hangup’s about women with kid’s to the side and jump head first into whatever it is they have.

Monet is surprised to see Clay at her house after her stay in the hospital and even more surprised to see how close both her daughter and Clay have gotten. She’s not in the headspace for a relationship but that doesnt stop Clay from being there for them. And if it help’s change Monet’s mind about him then all the better .

With Kyle still on the run and the police no closer to apprehending him, Clay takes it upon himself to do everything he can to protect his girls. He’s got a state of the art Security system put in and has Moe take some self defense classes. He’s also brought his gun over. When it comes what is rapidly becoming his family Clay will stop at nothing to see Kyle put away, and if he show’s up well let’s just say he won’t know what hit him.

Will Monet decide to trust again after being burned and still getting burned by her ex? or will she push Clay away for good? Can Clay get Monet to come out of her shell and get her to trust him in time or will Kyle get to her first and it be all over before it really began?  You’ll just have to read the book to find out!

I really liked this book. At this point i’ve read almost every book in this series and not in order which is good because you don’t need to read them in order. Each book is about a different couple but within the same group of friend’s. This book had some suspense and mystery in it, compared to all the others. You never knew when or how Kyles was going to make his presence known and when he did it was in a kind of messed up way. Theres definitely a nice surprise that you don’t expect at all, but I loved that the author put it in the story.