End Game Review!

End Game is unlike any Toni Aleo book you’ve read before and yet doesn’t lose that Toni Aleo “it” factor that she puts in all of her books. 

The reason I say that this book is unlike all the other books Toni Aleo has done is because End Game is the beginning of a new era for the Assassin’s and Bellevue Bullies world. Make no mistake this is a Bellevue bullies novel, but if you haven’t read any of Toni Aleo’s other Assassin’s or Bellevue Bullies book’s then what you don’t know is how these two series connect and intertwine and interact with one another.I highly suggest you read Toni’s previous work. 

As I was saying End Game is a new era for both the series in the fact that Toni fast forward’s through time to give us our favorite character’s children and what they must go through to find the love’s of their lives. However in doing that she also age’s our favorite character’s as well. 

End Game features Ryan Justice, who to fan’s of the Assassin’s series, first met him as a six year old boy who adored and looked up to his “unky” Shea.  But now he’s 20 and in his senior year as a Bellevue Bullie.  Ryan can’t afford any distractions and he  know’s that this is the year that he’ll finally achieve his dream of getting into the NHL just like his uncle.  

Sofia could’ve had her pick of college’s to go to but instead came to Bellevue to help launch their new gymnastics team the gym bull’s. it also doesn’t help that she was able to get a full ride and hopefully relieve’s some of the stress from her mother.

Sofia’s dream wasn’t alway’s to go to college in fact she’s alway’s dreamed she would take home the gold in the olympic’s, but after a couple of injuries her shot at gold was no more. So it comes as no surprise that she is determined to stop at nothing to achieve her dream of opening up her very own gym, where she can train and help achieve little girls dreams just like her. 

Both don’t need any outside distraction’s especially with their dream’s on the line but when Ryan goes to cheer his sister on at a gym meet, he can’t seem to stop thinking about Sofia and he’s desperate for his sister to set him up. Sofia like’s to think she has more control over herself but after a couple of run in’s in which she unknowingly ogled the hockey hottie, she crumbles and give’s him a chance. 

Ryan is all in with Sofia, He feel’s there is something more with them and he’s determined to find out what exactly it is. It definitely takes Sofia a little bit longer than Ryan, she’s resistant at first although she does feel the attraction between them. 

Faced with some important life decisions Ryan has to figure out what it is he really want’s out of his life and what will make him truly happy. Will he choose what has been his dream ever since he was six and go into the NHL leaving Sofia behind or will having met Sofia change Ryan’s dream and they live happily ever after? Read End Game to find out. 

So now that you know what the book is about. You know how I mentioned that with Toni fast forwarding that it also aged some of our favorite characters? Yeeeeahh well i wouldn’t necessarily say that it was a totally good thing.

With aging also comes diseases. We found out shortly into the book that Ryan’s dad has passed away. I’ve got to say as more of a side character and one we’ve only seen in one book, I didn’t expect to care as much as i did. It just goes to show the power that Toni Aleo has over her readers. For a periphery character that is in one book and the first book at that after tons of books later, to me it was like I found out a fan favorite character had passed.  Ryan’s dads passing is a big influence In The book as it should be considering we knew him and know all of the family that is grieving. Maybe that’s why this characters death was so hard to deal with compared to starting a book and having that characters parent or loved one already passed away. while you still sympathize with the character you don’t really know the character or the characters family.  it’s because we know Shea and Elli and even though Grace was another periphery character, she had a more prominent role in Shea’s book and she’s popped up every now and then throughout the series. 

It’s fitting that with the start of a new era and what is almost a reset to the series that the first book with the second generation features a character that was in the very first book that started all of this. I felt like most people assumed that it would be Aiden Brook’s who would take the first book, and even Toni knew most people thought its start with Aiden especially after reading the novella 22 where he was getting scouted by the Bellevue bullies, heck I know i thought it would. But i was pleasantly surprised and thought it was the right move. 

The last time we saw Ryan was when Elli was trying to set Mekena up with him in Face Off At The Alter. When I found out it was going to be Ryan’s book I thought wait a minute I thought he was an assassin already. So I did some digging looking through the previous books and while he was at the Assassins arena it did not say anywhere what he was doing there or that he actually was an assassin. So if you the reader were thinking that know that we got your back and did the digging for you. 

For the 1st book in a new generation Toni does a bang up job giving the reader’s little crumb’s all throughout the book as to where some character’s are going, hinting as to who might end up together. Who future book’s will probably be about and not just future Bellevue bullie books either ooh no she set’s up future assassin’s novel’s. She even set’s up what will be a new series. Maybe a new Hockey team series?  Hint maybe the series will be called The Islanders? 

I could probably go on and on about this book but then again i could do that with any Toni Aleo book.  Overall End Game was great starting point for the second generation and about coming to term’s with one’s decisions and realizing that the people who love you will support you no matter what you decide. 

End Game left me excited about where both these series are going. But im eager and anxious for Aiden’s book! So im hoping Toni doesn’t make us wait to long for his book whether it’s as an Assassin or a jump off point to a new series! 

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