Devine Desire Review!

Fiery Latina, Mila, is a struggling artist trying to make a name for herself and her art in the industry. But that doesn’t pay the bill’s so she’s forced to rely upon her love of yoga to get her by as a yoga instructor.

Atlas has only ever wanted two thing’s in life. One was to find out why his father abandoned him and his mother when he was only eight years old. And two, was to finally be recognized for his music. He’s told himself that if he doesn’t make it big in the industry by the age of thirty then he’ll take it to mean it wasn’t meant to be. In the meantime he’s recently started at a new yoga studio and has an outlandish idea for a new yoga class.

Doing the owner’s a favor and with no information other than it’s a class run by Atlas, a man she can’t seem to help but verbally spar with and imagine what it would be like to jump his bones; Mila agree’s to go and check it out. She expected it to be like any other yoga class but what she didn’t expect was to find the sexy instructor and the rest of the class nude. Yup NAKED yoga!

Sexual tension run’s high during the class between the pair and it’s all Atlas can do to keep his hand’s to himself.

Hoping to capitalize on the sexual tension between them, Mila ask’s Atlas to come over to her place for some naked fun. Obviously Atlas being a guy, think’s that he’s going over to hook up with the sexy wildcat but Mila has other plan’s in mind. Mila’s version of naked fun is Atlas sitting in a chair heavily aroused while she paint’s him.

Seizing the only opportunity Atlas has, he strikes a bargain with Mila. His term’s are simple, a date for another nude painting session. Thing’s grow hot and heavy between the two and they can’t keep their hand’s off of each other. What initially starts out as a bargain for just one date quickly becomes more and before you know it they’re finding themselves in a relationship neither of them think they have time for.

When faced with what they feel are once in a lifetime opportunities, will these struggling artists put their career’s first and leave what they have with each other behind? Or will their faith in one another prove fruitful for not only their relationship but also in their art?

Find the answer out by reading Divine Desire!!

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