Misadventures with A Rockstar Review!

Misadventures with a Rockstar is a little off pitch but still has a good crescendo towards the end.

Jett Draconis is an international rockstar with his band Emerald Phoenix. Backstage after one of his concert’s is a typical night, a bunch of groupie’s doing anything to impress the band member’s and to get them to sleep with them. Jett has done it all and multiple times at that. He’s getting tired of the same old same old. That is until he see’s an auburn haired beauty standing across the hall. 

Heather Myles is a struggling screen writer looking to make it in hollywood but after year’s of being rejected it look’s like all hope of making a career out of her passion is lost. Trying to get her mind off her problem’s, Heather takes her roommates offer to see Emerald Phoenix and have a night of fun. What she doesn’t expect is to watch an orgy back stage and her favorite singer jett to be partaking in it. Feeling highly uncomfortable Heather wait’s outside for her ride. 

Jett run’s after this mystery woman determined to have her not leave. Something about this woman speak’s to a part of him. Heather doesn’t expect to see Jett coming out after her but she’s not the type of woman or groupie to just sleep with someone she doesn’t know. Jett’s never had a woman turn him down before so it’s refreshing and intriguing to him. It also make him want her more. 

After a couple of Mishap’s while trying to impress Heather, Jett finally get’s Heather back to his place where he show’s her what she’s been missing out on. 

As feeling’s get involved, Jett realizes he’s got to put the brakes on and fast. Why? Well he didn’t make it to the top in a conventional way. He had a little help from a millionaire heiress. In exchange he was hers whenever she wanted.

This woman realizes she’s starting to lose Jett to Heather and will not tolerate it. it’s time she give’s Jett a refresher as to ethereal they made and what happen’s to him if he should renege on the deal. 

Will Jett be able to get out of the deal he made and finally be free to love Heather or will this kindling love be snuffed out before it’s had time to breathe and roar. 

Here’s what i didn’t like so much about this book. Heather fell in love with Jett after a half hour of conversation where she learned only a couple of thing’s about him and by having sex with him. Also the book felt rushed to me. There was hardly any time for feeling’s to actually develop i felt. There’s also an inconsistency in the book. At one point when they’re having sex, Jett professes his love to Heather and Heather believes at the time that Jett doesn’t mean it. Later in the book Heather claim’s to have not heard it at all. Now once reading the book I went back and looked just to make sure what I thought was right, and it was. 

This book was not terrible by any mean’s but it also wasn’t my favorite Misadventure’s book. If you’re looking for a nice quick read and the problem’s I had don’t bother you, then this book is just for you.

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