Intimate Intuition Review!

It’s an explosion of lust at first sight for Dara and Silas when they meet up at a club with mutual friend’s.After the best sex of her life, the last thing Dara expects to see while getting a glass of water is to see a nursery in Silas’ house let alone pictures of what could only be him and his wife!

Pissed off that Silas is a cheating bastard, Dara leaves in the middle of the night without Silas none the wiser. What she didn’t expect out of that passionate and erotic night was to leave with a little souvenir. Three week’s later and several pregnancy tests pee’d on, Dara Find’s out that she has a little bun in the oven.

Despite the circumstances in which the baby was conceived Dara is determined to have this baby and give it everything she wasn’t given in the first eight years of her life. Love, a home, a family.

Completely stressed about work and still mourning the death’s of his wife and unborn child, Silas know’s he can’t continue on like this in life. So he takes the advice of his friend and coworker, Atlas and goes to a yoga class. That last thing he expects is to see the woman he can’t stop thinking about. After a horrible misunderstanding and a vow to get help, a story about self-healing and the joys that life has to offer ensues.

Will Dara and Silas be able to find their happily ever after or will Silas’ past prevent them from having a future? You’ll have to actually read the book to find out.

Theres several crazy and unforeseen thing’s that happen in this book. Having not read the previous five book’s in this series I didn’t find myself lost with who everyone was and in fact this book made me want to go back and read their stories as well.

I found this book easy to get into even though I’m not into the whole yoga thing and the author did a great job not overwhelming the reader with this yoga theme. I will say that I thought there could be a little bit more of a follow-up with some of the subplot’s in the book. The author leaves you hanging with a couple of them that leave’s you wondering why bother mentioning it and wondering if someone is okay. That’s all I’ll say as to that because I don’t want to spoil to much of the book for you. These aren’t major infractions and don’t take away from getting lost in the story but just something I noticed and would’ve liked to see.

Intimate Intuition is out now and you can pick it up in the link’s below!

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