Iron Princess Review!

Dark, Intense, Riveting, emotional, Heart palpitation inducing! It’s Meghan March at her best! The end of Savage Prince left many reader’s with so many questions and Meghan March promised us that those questions would be answered in Iron Princess. Well she sure as hell didn’t disappoint!

We now have a name for Temperance’s mystery man! Drum roll Please! ::Drum roll noise:: KANE! also known as Saxon to those who live in the underground world that Kane moves around in.

In Iron Princess Meghan gives us Kane’s backstory, so check for answering that question! He’s a former military man who was tired of seeing his mom get beaten by his corrupt step father. He got an offer that was too good to pass up by a very familiar face. The rest as they say is history.

Savage Prince left off with the reader’s finding out that Temperance’s brother got himself into some serious trouble and Kane being sent to Protect her.

In order to protect Temperance, Kane becomes her bodyguard and takes her to his Bat Cave( Temperance’s word’s not mine!). Knowing Kane was not on the right side of the law and discovering that he is an actual hitman are two different things. She struggles to come to term’s with her feeling’s toward’s him and knowing what he does for a living.

Kane isn’t just any ordinary hitman without a conscious though, he’s a pretty damn good one. He also only takes hit’s on people who prey on the week and never on job’s that he feel’s he wouldn’t be able to live with himself over. That being said he’s also the man who accepted the contract out on her brother’s head.

Kane has a months time to find out what exactly is going on here and what exactly Rafe got himself into. Temperance isnt going to just stand by while Kane tries to save her and Rafe’s lives. Ohhhh no Temperance is right there with him determined to save her brother any way she can, even if it mean’s giving up the only man that she’s ever felt she can be completely herself around.

As with Savage Prince, Iron Princess is a continuation of a story about Self Discovery and Self Worth,  coming to term’s with oneself and realizing that you need to be yourself and who cares what anybody else thinks. I loved that Kane help’s Temperance begin to realize this. She was already on the track in Savage Prince but Kane helped push her along by loving her for herself. Now this wouldn’t be a Meghan March book without some seriously scorching up the pages scenes! like seriously if you have a heart problem make sure you take your heart medication!

While Meghan March delivered on her promise of answering the questions we had from Savage Prince, she gave us new ones with Iron Princess and also one pretty serious WTF moment at the end there!

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