On The Line Review!

What do you get when you put a star athlete and comic book nerd in a romance book? You get a Quirky, passionate, fun ride! You get On The Line! Claires down on her luck. Getting nowhere with the job search and getting force out of her apartment with no place to go, Claire takes up her brother on the off to contact his friend who is in need of a live in nanny.

Seth is a single father raising a 12 year old daughter. He’s also been traded to the Milwaukee dragons. A new city with very few friend’s  and a schedule that has him leaving over night almost every week has put him in serious need of a nanny to watch over his daughter.

Needless to say it’s a surprise to them both that they already know each other…. well sort of. you see a week ago they met in a grocery store with Seth paying for Claires groceries and Claire helping Seth with what tampons to get for his daughter’s first period. After an exchanging of numbers in case Seth has any additional questions it quickly turn’s from an innocent gesture to one of extremely flirty text’s with the promise of something more.

With the understanding that neither of them will act on their attraction for the other, Claire accept’s the nanny job. But they can only fight it so long before their desire for one another comes to a boiling point.

Will Claire and Seth be able to overcome all their reservations and give this budding romance a chance or will one spunky tween put a stop to it before it reaches full bloom. You’ll have to read the book to find that out!

What I really like about this book was that nobody was damaged. Seth had every right to be closed off after dealing with the whole baby mama drama, but he wasn’t. He had all of his priorities straight. First comes his daughter then his career.

Claire wasn’t damaged either. No bad breakup’s, no traumatic past experiences, and no emotional baggage that she brought into the relationship. She’s just a woman who got laid off and a crappy land lord. that’s it.

It’s very rare you find that in a book and it was definitely refreshing for once not to have to deal with that.


On The Line is out now and you can buy it in the link’s below!

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