Misadventures with The Boss Review!

Scorching, Heart rate elevating, Unputdownable. The motto “all business and no play” does not apply to this book at all!

As with a previous review if you’ve heard or seen a book starting with “Misadventures of/with a….” you do not have to read the rest of them in order to read this. They are all stand alone books all by different authors.

After being dumped by an Ex, Piper decides she’s in need of a change and moves to NYC with a new job she start’s after the weekend. Being new to the city Piper doesn’t know anyone there and with the unwanted help of her sister and social media she finds herself set up on a blind date.

Jackson has not time for love, he barely has time to find his one night stands. His company is on the verge of this huge merger and to say the stress is getting to him is a little bit of an understatement. To relieve some of that stress he goes on a hookup app to find an absolutely stunning woman who claims to be interested in only sex. With one click and a couple messages a meet up place is set.

When Piper and Jackson meet the chemistry is out of this world. Piper rock’s Jacksons world and before Jackson can suggest round 2, Piper has her clothes and is gone.

The weekend has passed and Jackson still can’t get Piper out of his head and with good reason because when he meet’s his new secretary its, you guessed it , Piper.  Jackson thought he could just have a business relationship with Piper and keep his hands to himself but after a couple of day’s his control is shot. Coming up with a proposal that benefits them both, Piper and Jackson must work together to save the merger and all the while feeling’s enter into the work and personal space.

Misadventures with The Boss is a great, steamy read with a sweet ending that made me want more.  Kendall Ryan did an amazing job with this book and I hope we get another Misadventure out of her!

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