Born of Darkness Review!

Dark, Thrilling, and Smoking, Lara Adrian has another New York Times bestselling book on her hands! Now this is the first book in Lara Adrian’s spin-off series The Hunter Legacy. However it feel’s almost like it’s a 2nd generation spin off series.

See Lara started the Midnight Breed series which grew to be immensely popular. After the main story arc was completed she then went on to jump into the future and feature all of the main character’s kids. That’s why i say this Hunter Legacy series feel’s like a 2nd generation spin-off series. It’s a spin off of a spin off in my opinion

Asher is a hunter which makes him a gen one breed.  Being part of the Hunter program that the mad man Drago’s created meant that Asher’s life was nothing but dealing in death. Forced to do Drago’s bidding and kill his own brothers for fear of losing his own life, Asher is a seriously damaged person.  After being freed from the hunter program he wind’s up at a ranch in the middle of a Nevada desert, where he befriended a kind old man and took him in.

Year’s later Asher is all by himself after the passing of his friend and he wouldn’t have it any other way. His gift if you could call it that, is with a touch he can see the persons worst memory. It’s pure luck that as he’s returning from a run he spot’s trouble. What kind of trouble? The classic Vega’s goon’s getting rid of a problem for their boss.

That’s where we meet Narumi AKA Naomi. Naomi is on a personal vengeance mission after losing her mother to a local crime lord. She’s determined to make him pay where it hurt’s him the most, Money. With her breedmate ability she goes around his casinos and manipulates the slot machines stealing money left and right. However the money she steals end’s up going toward a halfway house that she and her friend started.

After getting caught by some of this goon’s they take her out in the middle of the desert to do what else but kill her. Asher comes to her rescue and takes her back to the ranch to decide what to do with her. It’s there that he discover’s she’s a breedmate, a female who is more than human, and the only women who can have little breed babies. Breedmates are considered sacred to his kind so instead of just pawning her off to a local hospital and let her be on her way, he is honor bound to help her until the danger has passed. While protecting her though feelings on both sides get into the mix and sparks fly. But will Asher’s secret’s put the brakes on the romance before it’s even had a chance to blossom? Read the book to find out!

This book was great and i would suggest at least reading the first couple books in the Midnight Breed series just so you can get some background information on the world of the breed.

Born of Darkness by Lara Adrian is out now so click the links below to buy!