Misadventures with My Roommate Review!

If your looking for a nice fast read than this is for you! As with previous review’s if you’ve heard or seen a book starting with “misadventures of/with a…..” you do not have to read the rest of them in order to read this. They are all stand alone book’s all by different authors.

What set’s this book apart from a lot of other book’s is the fact that neither the heroine nor the hero have their shit together. For instance usually in a romance ebook you’ll have the hero or heroine or both make a lot of money and that takes a real world issue out. Not so with this book. Both of them are struggling to make end’s meet  and are living pay check to pay check.

Blake has just got a job as a coffee barista and is looking of ra new roommate after previous one left because she was “crazy”. Like she hasn’t heard that before. Pretty sure all her other previous roommates left for the same reason. Oh well their loss.

It’s at the coffee shop that she meet’s Gavin. He’s just gotten kicked out of his apartment after his roommate apparently used all their rent money to get his next fix. Blake offer’s her place up to him if he want’s to move in.

Misadventures with her roommate then ensue. Along with romance.

Blake is definitely different. Not even in a normal sense of damaged. Let’s face it, usually one or both of the main character’s are damaged and they usually react all in the same way to what ever the damage is. But not Blake. You’ll see what i mean if you read this book .

I liked the banter and chemistry between Blake and Gavin. This was a slow burn kind of book that never completely set you on fire.  Theres a scene between Blake and a laundromat lady and it was my absolute favorite to see the way they would try and top each other with insults.

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