Fireblood Review!

Scorching, Captivating, Addiction worthy! Elly Blake sure as hell brought the Heat with the second book in the Frostblood Saga! (all puns intended)

If you haven’t read Frostblood first then do not read on because this review contains spoilers! If you want to find out what Frostblood is about then click Here for my review!

Fireblood pick’s up shortly after where Frostblood ended. With Ruby having melted the frostblood throne and Arcus taking over as the rightful King you would think that thing’s would be a little easier in their life. Yeeeaaahhh nope not happening. Tensions are running high as they fight to bring peace back to the nation and the world and with the Minax loose out in the world it’s more imperative then ever.

After an assassination attempt it becomes abundantly clear that things aren’t going to settle down anytime soon. With an off to meet the Fireblood Queen from a mysterious fire blood named Kai, Ruby set’s off on what she hopes will lead her to discover how to stop the Minax and bridge the gap in distrust between Frostbloods and Firebloods.

To earn the Fireblood Queen’s trust she must first past the Fireblood Masters trials. She needs to pass the trials, it’s the only way to get the knowledge to kill the Minax’s. However if she passes she’ll have to swear allegiance to the Queen and will lose Arcus forever. It’s Ruby will have to take. What Ruby doesn’t expect during the crazy journey, is to learn who she really is and when she does it’s not earth shattering but volcano erupting! ( see what i did there?! 🙂 )

Elly Blake takes us on a new adventure with Fireblood. With a series we rarely get to see the other sides point of view. With Fireblood, Elly Blake takes us to Sudesia, the fireblood nation, and we get to see what it’s like for them and how the war has affected the people and their queen. If i had my pick i would probably live in Sudesia just because it’s not as torn apart as Tempesia is but i would definitely have a winter home over there.

I truly loved this book and Elly does what any great author does and leaves the reader wanting more and asking questions. Theres a part in the book that I don’t think many readers will cling onto like I did and I don’t know if it’s because i’m reading to much into this mystery or Elly purposely did it this way because it will be a big revelation in the next book. We’ll see! Either way i’m determined to get some answers!

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