Misadventures With a Rookie Review!

Toni Aleo Scores again!!As with a previous review if you’ve heard or seen a book starting with “misadventures of/with a………” you do not have to read the rest of them in order to read this. They are all stand alone book’s by a whole bunch of different authors.

Misadventures with a Rookie is about Gus “the Bus” Persson an all star hockey player who is quite ready to star in the big league so instead got sent to the farm team. He’s cocky, arrogant, confident, charming, dreamy, funny, sexy, A Rookie.

Everything that Bo thinks she hates and when she catches him eyeing her up while at one of the games, it sets her blood boiling. Bo definitely has her hang up’s about men and especially about hockey players. You’ll find out about that when you read the book.

Gus is not used to women shooting him down and when Bo does just that, it’s game on. Gus won’t stop until he figures out why Bo wants nothing to do with him and let’s face it; also to get in her pants. As time goes on feelings and motivations change between the two. The chemistry between these two is EXPLOSIVE! Like holy cow! I seriously loved this book and i wanted so much more!

Here’s probably my favorite ¬†line of the book

“i never asked you to be honest with me.”¬†

“you didn’t have to, Bo. I want to be. Because i want to be yours like you are mine.”

There was one part that i wished were different and i don’t want to give it away because it ‘s a major spoilery thing of the book. But that in NO way takes away from this awesome book!!!

Misadventures with a Rookie is out now and you should all go buy it! Links are down below!

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