Frost Blood Review!

Fan’s of the Thrones of Glass Series will definitely want to check this series out! Frost Blood is the first book in this adventurous and thrilling trilogy.

At the beginning of the book we’re introduced to Ruby. A young Fire Blood who is living a life perpetually on the run with her mother, never using her power over fire for fear of being discovered. You see Fire Blood’s and Frost Blood’s are at war and have been centuries. After being caught by Frost Blood soldier’s and suffering a horrible loss, Ruby is taken to a prison where she is awaiting certain death.

After spending months in this prison Ruby meet’s  Arcus, a Mysterious, cold Frost blood (pun intended)  and Brother Thistle a kind old Frost Blood master. They infiltrate the prison and offer to break her out. But only on one condition. She must help them kill the Frost Blood King.

The journey set’s off from there. They take Ruby to a monastery to prepare her for the fight of her life. Ruby must learn to master her power of fire if she is going to be able to defeat the Frost king.

The training process is slow and rough and if she expected anybody to be easy on her, Ruby was sorely mistaken. Ruby must work past 17 year’s of being told to stuff her power down. After being betrayed by one of the brothers, Ruby is discovered and taken by the king’s soldier’s to where she will fight in the king’s games. It’s there that all that she has learned will be put to the test.

Shocking turns and revelations keep this book alive and interesting to say the least. As a fan of Sarah J. Maas  and her Throne of Glass series, this book was definitely up my alley. Frost Blood is the first book in the series so therefore it had to do a lot of backstory and world building for the reader. Elly Blake did a wonderful job of that and not confusing the reader with all the term’s and names.

Often when you’re reading the first book in a new series it can confuse the reader  if there author unload’s all of the back story and world building at once. Elly Blake did not do this. She peppered the history and world building all throughout the book and gave the reader’s a little bit at at time so they would keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.

I cannot wait to read the next book in the trilogy Fire Blood. Look for that review to come next week!

If you want to purchase Frost Blood by Elly Blake and i highly suggest you do, then click the links below!!