The Final Six Review!

The Final Six was an amazing and very real possibility of what our future could look like fi we don’t get our crap together. This Sci Fi Young Adult series will leave you asking the question “is Mankind inherently destructive?”.The Final Six is a little too realistic for my tastes. In the sense that this book is set im assuming in the no too distant future. Where climate change is at it’s peak. We are talking tsunami’s and earthquakes happening on an almost daily basis. Million’s if not billion’s dead. Cities completely destroyed or underwater.

In order to save mankind the world has agreed to come together combining all the resources to put in a last hope kind of mission to Jupiter’s moon europa, in order to terraform and colonize it.  But not just anyone can go. There’s a worldwide search where 24 teenager’s will be drafted into a program with only a Final Six actually making it on the team.

It’s here that we meet two of our draftees.

Naomi. a 17 year old Iranian American girl who all her life all she’s wanted to do was find a cure for her brother’s heart defect. Being selected was the last thing she wanted and she’s determined to find a way to make it back to her family. She’s off the chart’s smart and a little bit naive compared to the other 23 who have lost more.

Leo , a 17 year old Italian boy from Rome, who has lost everything.  He’s a former swimming champion who could’ve gone to the olympics if they were still around. We meet him first in a very dark time of his life. Being selected has brought new purpose into his life. With nothing and no one waiting for him back in Rome, he is eager to be in the final six.

What happen’s when they get to the boot camp is where the fun really begins. Not all is as it seems. With the help of Leo, Naomi is set on uncovering whatever it is that they are hiding.

The final Six is fast paced and while some terminology took me a second to figure out, i highly enjoyed this book! I can’t wait for the second one to come out!

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