Beautiful Book Covers – Shatter Me series

Okay guy’s this is the first post in our Beautiful Book Cover series!

We’ll have one post for this series per week. It won’t necessarily be on a whole series either, it could be about one book or multiple from the same author. Cause let’s face it, some book cover’s are more beautiful than other’s and that’s just a fact!

This week we are featuring the amazingly talented Tahereh Mafi and her whole Shatter Me series!!


This series did not start out looking like this. In fact the first print versions of Shatter Me looked like this.



Now while i did enjoy this cover and felt like it represented the book. I mean hello! girl standing in the center of what looks like thousands of shard of shattered glass or mirror. like duh!

But truthfully i didn’t see where they could go with the second or third book  if they kept up with this theme. And now that Tahereh has come up with an additional three book’s i feel like it would’ve  inevitably  needed a cover overhaul. So im glad that they did it before the second book came out. Also i feel like by the publisher doing it with the second book and it now being 4 book’s in, i can’t imagine the cover’s looking any other way.

Here is what Tahereh had to say on the matter.

“I know a lot of people hate it when cover’s get redone, but believe it or not, it’s always done for a good reason. For us, it was no different. As much as we loved the original cover for SHATTER ME, we felt like it wasn’t properly reflecting the book and the feel of the story, especially as we moved forward in the series. So we tried something new.”

So what do you guys think? would you have like to see where the old cover concept would’ve gone further down the road?