Misadventures of a College Girl Review!

So if you’ve seen a bunch of book’s starting with “Misadventures of a…” then know that your in for a good read!

They are all stand alone and by different author’s so you don’t have to worry about buying all the others in order to understand what is going on in this one.

After Zooey Cartwright didn’t get into the college of her dreams, NYU, she’s off to UCLA where she’s made it her number one goal to lose her virginity. With her new roommate and goal in mind she head’s off to a frat party.

It’s at this frat party that we meet Tyler. handsome, charismatic, a safety for the UCLA football team and at first glance, a total douchebag. He’s perfect for what Zooey has in mind. After the pair lock eye’s and some heavy flirting, they end up in his room where he finds out what Zooey is about and put’s the kibosh in her plans.

Fast forward to the next day and Tyler has a change of heart and will stop at nothing to convince Zooey to give him a second shot. They get assigned not one but two midterm project’s due in over a months time. The perfect amount of time for Tyler to show Zooey everything he knows about sex. A love story then ensues!

I really enjoyed this book, i thought the banter between Zooey and Tyler was funny and amazing and i loved how persistent he was with her. What i didn’t particularly like was the time jumps in the story. There was no 1 year later, no 5 months later. None of that, it was left to the reader to figure out within a paragraph or so of that particular part of the book. ¬†However those time jumps don’t happen till the last quarter of the book and it’s not enough of a distraction from the overall story. my overall impression of the book was a good read that left me wanting more!

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