Restore Me Review!

For readers it’s been a little over 4 year’s since the Supreme Commander has been killed in Ignite Me but for Juliette and Warner it’s only been 16 day’s and that’s where Restore Me picks up and start’s running!

We jump right into the book with both Warner and Juliette dealing with the very real ramifications of killing the supreme commander of North America, who by the happens to have been Warner’s dad!! They both are plagued with insecurities. Juliette is insecure and doubtful about what she’s gotten herself into by taking over as the new supreme and rightfully so! With no experience in leading a country and no political science background it’s a difficult road to go down, especially for someone only 17 year’s old.

Warner is dealing with his father’s death the best way he can; by not knowing how to deal with it. He’s steadily withdrawing into himself and at a critical time when Juliette need’s him the most.  Warner is struggling with knowing from a logical stand point that his father was a complete and total monster and yet dealing with all the tumultuous feelings involved with a son mourning his dad.

Folks these are just their insecurities about themselves that doesn’t include with each other!

Juliette and Warner must get past their insecurities and fast as unexpected and uninvited guest show up.  Who are those guests you ask? Well none other than the Supreme Commander’s kids of course!  Do the Supreme Commander’s kid’s  come in peace or are they here for a more nefarious reason? Both Warner and Juliette need to work to find out what plan’s the other Supreme Commander’s have in store for sector 45 and North America before it’s too late.

Okay now that I’ve told you some of what Restore Me is about, i just have to say as someone who was a fan of this series back when Shatter Me first came out, this book has not disappointed me at all. We find out A
LOT more about the Shatter Me world. There’s some…no…. some is not the word I’m looking for…… a S*** TON of shocking secrets being revealed plus the ending is just mind-blowing!!!  This book leaves us on a cliff hanger but i expected nothing less from Tahereh Mafi.  I mean come on She has two more books in store for us! she’s gotta leave us hanging to keep coming back for more!

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