Whiskey Rebellion Review!

Whiskey Rebellion is the third book in the Taking Risk’s Series and man it does not disappoint!


Lena. You may remember her from the previous books in the series, she is declan’s sister. At the start of the book we find her on a downward spiral. We’re talking drugs, sex, alcohol and hardcore partying. Of course there is a reason behind all of this self-destruction but that is for you guy’s to read about. Lena is spunky, crass, damaged and she doesn’t care what people think about her.

Jackson. We first meet him at the end of his 3 month stay in London, where he’s been working as a bartender. See he’s all about the traveling lifestyle and has a list of places he want’s to see. All the while he subconsciously is dealing with some serious daddy issues. What the issues are and how they play into this love story…. well you’ll have to read the book to find out 😉 .  Jackson is strong, calm, kind, caring a phanny ( book joke. read it and you’ll find out) and a balm to the craziness that is Lena right now.

After a steamy, somewhat hilarious (in my opinion) and kind of insulting first meeting, you don’t think these two will have a reason to meet again. But one grave phone call to come home and a great vacation spot passionately recommended later. The unlikely ( at first) duo  pick right back up where they left off.

Love. Humor. Sarcasm. Sadness. Lust. Anger. Doubt. Self worth. Healing. Family.

That is what this book contain’s and point-blank Toni Also hit’s with all the feel’s in the world with this book!

Whiskey Rebellion is out now and you can purchase with the click of these links!

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